Eating while Traveling

Hello! As soon as this blog started, where was I? On my honeymoon in St. Lucia!

View from our villa

View from our villa

Traveling and eating is always difficult for me. I never ever eat as healthy as I do at home and this was no exception. Usually, I’m all for travel food, but it can get difficult when healthy options seem so scarce. St. Lucia is a meat driven nation. You would think with all that rain forest that they would eat more fruits and veggies! The super market was almost completely full of the same processed foods I find at home and had a much smaller fruits and veggies section than I expected. We did eat at home some, but we also ate out.

At the villa (a gift from a friend for us to stay there), we did find some banana trees, but unfortunately, the bananas didn’t ripen while we were there.

Banana Trees on St. Lucia

Banana Trees on St. Lucia

We did eat a TON of bananas, though! I even made a great banana maple frozen yogurt in the villa’s ice cream maker:

1 lb. banana

1/2 cup maple syrup

2 cups plain yogurt (it called for greek, but I couldn’t get that)

1/2 cup heavy cream

Blend it all in the blender. Then put it in the ice cream maker for 25 minutes or so. It came out kind of mushy, so I put it in the freezer after that. Delicious! Gave both of us dessert for 3 nights! I might be trying to get an ice cream maker in the future…

I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture to motivate you to visit St. Lucia!

Sunset at LeSport Resort

Sunset at LeSport Resort

2 thoughts on “Eating while Traveling

  1. We got ripe ones, but the ones at the villa didn’t ripen while we were there. They were delicious, but you were right… I built them up over the course of many years! They didn’t live up to the epic banana proportions I was expecting.

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