Spice of India

Spice of India was a great restaurant in St. Lucia that we visited twice in the one week we were there. It was so good that I always forgot to take a pic before I ate! 🙂

The chef actually used to work close to where I live now AND close to Patty as well. So when I was still living there, I may have eaten his cooking! He was so excited at our connection, that I actually didn’t eat anything that was on the menu because he just created a dish for me.


Aloo Tiki appetizer and Hummingbird drink

Here is a pic after our first meal… Obviously I hated it! 😉


After first meal at Spice of India

We were shocked to realize that everyone at the restaurant remembered us when we went back. The owner personally greeted us and even the people that didn’t serve us remembered us. It was incredible. The service was excellent. The one weird thing about Indian restaurants in St. Lucia is that the bread and rice aren’t included, so you have to make sure you order them too. It was a little different, but the prices were very reasonable overall. We spent a little over $200 EC on our meal for two with NO skimping. In US $ that really isn’t so bad. It was about $75 with drinks and appetizers.


Second meal at Spice of India with Lucian Swirl drink

Additionally, M found the Pino Grigio to be too sweet and was much happier with the Merlot (which I also thought was good).

It’s so nice to treat yourself to a great meal! 🙂

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