Curried Tempeh

Tonight, I noticed that I had this block of 3-Grain tempeh sitting in the fridge and  I’m not sure what I had in mind when I bought it!  I think tempeh can be quite versatile but I am not familiar enough with it to just wing it.  So I went online (my favorite cookbook is my iPad) and searched “tempeh recipes”.  From those results I opted for “Cooking LightTempeh with Curried Cashew Sauce.  A quick perusal showed this was a simple recipe for which I had all the ingredients.  Well, everything except curry powder.  You see, I don’t use prepared curry powder.  Instead, I combine the spices that are traditionally in prepared curry powder.  I keep quite a few spices in their seed form and grind them as needed instead of buying (and paying more for) the powdered form.  I went on Wikipedia for the ingredients for Indian curry powder and decided on this:

Curry Powder

  • mustard seeds
  • cumin seeds
  • coriander seeds
  • tumeric powder

I ground approximately equal portions of each to add to the recipe. Try it, it’s easy!

Anyway, this was so delicious that I had to blog about it right away!! It didn’t take very long, maybe 30 minutes and the taste is… well, you have to try it!


This is what the sauce looks like before you blend it.  Of course, I modified the recipe a bit!  I used almond milk instead of dairy milk and you can’t tell the difference, in my opinion.


And this is everything combined.  It may not make for great food porn, but it is amazingly delicious!  (I added roasted cauliflower because doesn’t everyone want extra veggies in their meal?)

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