About this Foodie Family

We are a not so average family that enjoys not so average food!

Our adventures in cooking and eating are here for you to enjoy with us.

Patty lives in the suburbs of the Northeastern USA. She tries hard to incorporate as much local, organic and home-grown food into her cooking as she can. Some meals are more successful than others! But her good humored husband is always willing to accept what lands on the table, so it works.

Robin is living in the Western USA suburbs currently eating a lower sugar, no grain diet. She loves to use her kitchen toys and continues to add to the collection as the need arises. Fast meals are always a plus as she and her husband don’t have the same schedules and often eat very late for dinner. Luckily, neither of them minds simple meals, but the adventurous ones are more fun!

Sam is working on an organic farm. His food experience is rooted in Northern California.